Kal Marks – Life is Alright, Everybody Dies

Heavy Boston Angst

Kal Marks are from Boston, MA. Life is Alright, Everybody Dies is the 6th release listed on their bandcamp, which is where I listened to this album.

(Skeletal Lightening, Community Records, iCorrupt [Europe])

I actually saw Kal Marks at Louie’s Trophy House in Kalamazoo, MI. I really liked listening to them live so I thought I would cover them first, here.

Kal, if I can call them that, self-described as heavy, and rightly so, are meant to be listened to loudly. If you start the album at a low volume, you will soon realize your mistake. Their instruments scream at you throughout and the singer drives along, crying into the loudness.

This album carries a lot of angst with it. It a misanthropic love letter to nihilism.

They are all fresh songs. It’s not as if Kal Marks is rehashing. reinventing, or overdoing some old trope. It is a unique take on the loud, droning, sometimes caustic genre of “Heavy Rock & Roll”, fit well with plodding and sincere vocals.

This album is like the really pissed off sadness that you enjoy. Also, it has a great title.